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Houston Rental Tips/News

Welcome to Houston. Here are some helpful information that can lead you to Houston's fun events along with some renting tips.

Rental Tips:

1. Always read all your paperwork when renting. It can make the difference between losing a deposit or even being approved.

2. Ask your Real Estate agent every question that comes to mind. No question is a stupid question. Your Real Estate agent is your representation and has a fiduciary obligation to you. Put US to work for you.

3.  Always pay your rent with certified funds. By paying with certified funds it always easier to trace and replace. 

4. If you want to know if a property is safe. Go see your top three properties on your list at night. Properties to make sure everything is well kept during the day but a good property is maintained during all hours. 

Tenant Rights.  The website at http://www.oag.state.tx.us/AG_Publications/txts/tenant.shtml outlines the rightst a tenant has in Texas.  Understand your rights and responsibilities.

6. Rental Insurance. Renters insurance is cheap.  It protects your valuables and gives you peace of mind. 




The rental market in Houston is strong despite the decline in real estate sales last month throughout the greater Houston area according to data by the Houston Association of realtors (HAR). There were 7,204 homes sold in July compared to 7,898 in July, a year on year decline of 8.8%.

However, even though housing sales are not impressing, housing supply is good with 3.5-4 months’ supply of housing available. But more and more people are favoring renting rather than buying. The month of July saw an increase of 2.3% in single family rentals and 10.6% rise in townhouse/condominium rental.

The average rent for single-family homes ticked up to $ 1,879 and the average rent for townhouses / condominiums remained stable at $ 1,630. If you’re on the fence about renting or buying a home? Here are seven questions to determine whether buying or renting is best for you.

  1. How long do you plan to stay in the home? The longer you have to stay, the more wiser it is to buy rather than rent, if you have the money. But if you are staying for a short time in the area, you should opt for renting. You wouldn’t want a situation where you buy a house and after 5 years be looking to sell.
  2. Would you be content if circumstances betokened you had to stay longer? People who bought a “starter” home in 2005 thinking that they could sell it and buy a bigger home a few years down the road ended up stuck in homes that were worth less than they owed on their mortgages during the housing crisis. The lesson here is that it pays to rent now and buy your dream house down the road whenever you can afford it.
  3. How stable is your job? If you are in a declining industry,your job is not secure, you may well not want to lock yourself into a mortgage or any area. Buying a house and selling it later when you have to relocate will probably cost you substantial cash later.
  4. How do the regular monthly costs compare? Do some reasonable math. Be sure you consider all the regular monthly costs of home ownership, including property fees, energy costs, insurance, homeowner or property fees, yard maintenance and other regular costs.
  5. Do you have savings for a down payment? It is possible to buy a house with less than 3.5 percent deposit using a Federal government Housing Administration (FHA) home loan. However in a competitive market, you will find sellers favoring offers with higher down payments and fewer contingencies. Plus, an increased deposit means less mortgage payment and no private mortgage insurance (PMI).


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